Brand Development

What do people see?

A company’s logo is arguably the single most important visual association a business can embed into its consumer.

When people see your company’s logo, what do they really see? Is your mark something that stands above the rest? Does your logo explain what you’re about – clearly and concisely – without overusing words? Look at companies like Home Depot, Fed Ex, Nike, Best Buy, or Apple. What do their logos have in common? Simple and immediately recognizable. Of course we realize not everyone can be a multi-billion dollar corporation spread over the world, so every brand isn’t diagnosed the same way. However, there are core truths to abide by when establishing brand association.

Brand Creation Process

In a nutshell

Chances are, if you designed your own logo, it’s probably bad. Hard to swallow, but it’s the truth. We’re not plumbers here at JNJ, so when we have a clogged drain, we call people who specialize in it. If you’re not an expert in brand development, why try to fix it yourself?

There are loads of horrible logos out there. If you paid a “logo design service” $5 to create something, it’s probably bad. If you let your nephew in college make your logo, it’s probably bad. Would you let your mom hire your employees? Or would you allow your kid to choose your office location? Then why cut corners on developing a brand that hundreds – if not thousands – of people will see?

Most businesses don’t double as creative firms; we get that. There are countless quick fixes to what some business owners don’t recognize as an imperative part of developing their company identity. It’s our job to show you how it’s done.

So don’t sweat it. That’s where we come in.
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